New Ohio Theatre and Rady&Bloom present


Written and directed by Jeremy Bloom and Brian Rady
Music by Catherine Brookman

MAY 22 - JUNE 12
TUES - SAT at 8 PM

"The infectious high spirits that this company brings are downright inspirational.” -

The Upper Room is a new play with original music inspired by the back-to-the-land movement. Set on an island way off the north coast of Maine, the last participants of a once thriving commune meet the sea. Anxious and restless, the quorum gathers around the table in their upper room to confront the rising water and certain members’ curious ailments. A darkly humorous consideration of spirituality and the dangers of our changing environment combines with a live mixed score, antique scuba suits and an overhead projector to create a brand new music theater event.

Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Featuring: Catherine Brookman*, Tjasa Ferme, Dana Kaplan-Angle, Govind Kumar, Robert Gadol Lavenstein, Joyce Miller, Stacy Ayn Price, Julia Sirna-Frest*, Heather Thiry, featuring Joe White (guitar)