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JULIA SIRNA-FREST                  

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[Porto]                                          Porto                                        WP Theater/Lee Sunday Evans

Seder                                           Margit .                                     Hartford Stage/Elizabeth Williamson

Welcome to the Gun Show        co-composer/performer          Ars Nova/Patrick Vassel

[Porto]                                           Porto                                         The Bushwick Starr/Lee Sunday Evans

A Tunnel Year                              many animals                           Chocolate Factory/Karinne Keithley

The Offending Gesture               Moon Cat                                 Connelly/Mac Wellman

The Upper Room                         Dawn                                        New Ohio/Rady&Bloom

Comfort Dogs                              Dog 1                                        JACK/William Burke

Ancient Lives*                              Susan                                       The Kitchen/Tina Satter

Seagull (Thinking of you)*†         Polina                                       New Ohio/Tina Satter

If you can get to Buffalo              Starsinger                              Incubator Arts/Trish Harnetiaux

In the Pony Palace/Football*†     Kayla (left tackle)                    The Bushwick Starr/Tina Satter

The (*) Inn Merchant                     Merchant                               Abrons Arts/David Herskovitz

Nurses in New England*              Nurse Torres                           The Ohio/Tina Satter

Family*                                           Sharon                                     Incubator Arts/Tina Satter

Sliding Whores*                            Jules                                         Dixon Place/Tina Satter

The Knockout Blow*                     Girl                                            Ontological/Tina Satte

*collaborations with Obie-Award Winning Theater Company Half Straddle (Tina Satter, Artistic Director)

† Tours: Automne en Normandie Festival, Theatre D’arras in Arras; La rose des vents in d’Asquq France, Theatre Garonne in Toulouse, France, T2G – Théâtre de Gennevilliers in Gennevilliers, FR, Le Maillon in Strasbourg, The Contemporary Art Museum of Zagreb, Croatia, Mass Live Arts, Mass MoCA, FringeArts Philadelphia

Workshops & Residencies:

Maery S.                             Fanny/Clarie                   New Dramatists and Baryshnikov Arts Center/Sibyl Kempson

Kyckling and Screaming   Heddavig                        New York Theater Workshop/Sibyl Kempson and Sarah Benson

Hoarders                            Bridget                            New Dramatists/Erin Courtney and Oliver Butler

The Starving Dress           Green Woman                 New Dramatists/Matt Freeman

Keeners                              Keener                             University Settlement and NACL/ William Burke and Alaina Ferris


Cornish College of the Arts (BFA-Theater and Original Works

Shakespeare Intensive-Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Special Skills

Founding member of Obie Award winning Theater Company Half Straddle, Lead Singer in Doll Parts, a Dolly Parton Cover Band, Teaching Artist, Puppetry, Ukulele, Song Composition